It’s time to protect your content against misuse.

Are you a content creator looking to prevent illegal distribution of your digital content? Our light weight Digital Rights Management solutions helps you achieve exactly that.



Lightweight, easy to use and Digital Rights Management solution by xPerpendicular.

Password protection

Share a unique password with each buyer that only they can use.


Download protection

Your authorized users access the content directly preventing it from being downloaded.


Limited Access

You decide which of your content can be accessed for how many times and for how long.


OTP Based Access

Temporary One time password that authenticates the user for a single use.



Add a watermark to your content optionally.



Detailed view of the usage of your content. Who accessed the content when and from where. All in a single dashboard.

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How it works

Simple and easy 2 step process.

Upload your content

Upload your content using a simple easy to use form. Specify the right management parameters you wish to add: downloadable or not, password protected or not, among others.

Share links

Share content with one or more email addresses. All your users receive a unique link in their inbox to access to the content.


About Xperpendicular

We put you in the driver’s seat helping you protect and track the usage of your content.

We are a group of entrepreneurs and startup folks who love working with other entrepreneurs. Xperpendicular stems directly from our interactions with digital creators and independent professionals, where we found managing access to their content continues to remain a critical pain point for them. Well, like all startup folks in the world, we decided to solving it!

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